One of our top astrophotography cameras just got an incredible $599 off

Finding a camera that can produce professional-quality photographs but still represents good value for money can be extremely time-consuming. Luckily, Walmart has a fantastic offer that does the hard work for you, knocking a whopping $599.01 off the Sony A7 III

Any professional-grade camera is going to be an investment, and while the deal is for the body only, the money saved is more than enough to pick up a decent lens to go with it. You will need to hurry, though, as this deal has already changed once since we started writing this (it did originally feature the lens, although at a much higher price).

The mirrorless camera can be used for many types of photography, including portraiture, landscapes, sports and action, but in our testing, we found it worthy of a slot in our guide to the best cameras for astrophotography

Sony A7 III camera: Was $1,999.00

Sony A7 III camera: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Was $1,999.00, now $1,399.99 at Walmart  

We have awarded this camera a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, praising it for its quality and a budget-friendly price point. 

In our Sony A7 III review, we gave the camera an impressive score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and although at the time it was already 4 years old, we described it as "on par with many models on the market right now, but at a much more pocket-friendly price." 

One of the camera's outstanding qualities is its autofocus system, which we felt was "among the best on the market." This would be a perfect choice for taking photos of fast-moving things, such as an action-packed sports game or an animal on the move. 

We also found the Sony A7 III to be particularly strong in its ability to shoot in low light. This means that you can take better-quality photographs in challenging settings, such as a dimly lit room. 

On top of this, if you do plan on shooting the stars (celestial, not celebrity) you can even use the camera while it’s charging, a unique feature of the camera. Combined with USB charging, you can plug in a power bank and take long exposures all night. That being said, the Sony A7 III does sometimes suffer from the dreaded "star eater" phenomenon thanks to its aggressive noise reduction, but it’s much improved from earlier Sony bodies and not nearly enough to turn you away from this great camera, especially at this price.  

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